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Social Media is continuing to rise as a primary means of communication with business! It works for connecting family and friends to each other so it makes sense that it provides additional ways for companies to connect to their consumers and it can be pretty powerful. So if you haven’t taken the leap or you’ve attempted to start without success, then our social media set up service is for you.

With social media in the mix, you can quickly share news about your company, promotions, product or service launches to name a few. You can share videos or imagery of your work in action, but most important, you can raise awareness and engagement with existing and new customers. Further, consider that your customers may have something to say about your business. With social media channels set up, your customers can easily share a post about an experience with you or your company and also recommend you socially to their friends! As a business owner, you want to have an established social connection where this communication can take place so that you can be aware and respond appropriately. This connection allows you to further build positive relationships with existing clients and prospective customers as you build name recognition and trust.

For business owners who want to get started with social media but would benefit from some needed guidance and direction, our Yes You Can Social Media Set Up service may be the perfect solution. 

We roll up our sleeves with you and determine the best channels, including facebook, linkedin, instagram and twitter for your social media efforts and set up a purposeful strategy that makes sense for you and your clients. Then we create the accounts for the correct social channels, a calendar for posting based on strategy and even set up the first posts with you. And we are always available for follow up. 

Yes You Can have a successful and professional social media presence. Call Yes You Can Marketing today so you can start communicating with your customers socially!

When quality counts, call Yes You Can Marketing, LLC. Serving the specific needs of small business. When you partner with us, you are our “BIG” customer.

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