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Our internet marketing coaching and training classes are a welcomed resource for many business owners because they provide these busy professionals with the specific guidance they need and want to execute things themselves over the long term. These classes are for business professionals who do have the time to allocate a certain amount of time each month to their marketing and do want to do it themselves but want to have some training and coaching so that all their efforts are pointed in the right direction of progress and success for attracting more leads and business via their online internet presence. At Yes You Can Marketing, we can tailor 90 minute in depth training and coaching sessions specifically to your goals including:

  • Word Press back end management – how to add pages, products, images to your website
  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO plug ins and processes for local results and beyond
  • Google Business Listings and other directories – set them up; verify and optimize
  • Google Analytics & Webmaster tools for analyzing and monitoring web visitor activity
  • Email Marketing – A must for engaging and nuturing prospective clients in your sales funnel
  • Target your market – by defining your target market – you get far better results from your marketing

Our trainings can be held in person or online and can be one-time and specific or a series so that together we can develop an internet marketing strategy that will bring success to your business. It is a personalized service tailored to your company so that you can implement and execute your online marketing with results. With a renewed understanding, you will have all the tools to define your target, understand how to craft your messaging online for them, how to nurture those relationships and how to implement changes to your website for maximum impact to attract and convert visitor to your website to become your clients and customers.

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